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Re: Photo Safari in York... please help?

Originally Posted by Ian View Post

Thanks for the offer of feedback as a new E-3 owner A feature article on how everyone is getting on with their new E-3s would be excellent. If you could drop me an email (or private mail here) with some brief comments on what you really like about the camera, including anything unusual or surprising, and even anything you feel could be improved, I would be very grateful.

If there is anything we can do to help you or if you have any suggestions concerning the site, we're all ears!

Will do Ian!
Its quite a camera - and unlike anything else I've used, I'm struggling to find any real negatives about it. Main thing for me is to push the boundaries with it, get deeper, and see how it can work for the sort of stuff I like to do. Like Brian, I enjoy using legacy lenses - in my case Leica R's, so will do some street testing with those soon. With the big OVF - it all becomes possible!

I'll be taking it to Normandy / Brittany from 10 - 14 Dec and will have another chance see some of the early morning landscapes there. Would be interesting to base a report around that as well.
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