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Re: What should I do?

Originally Posted by roadkill_6mm View Post
Thanks for that snaarman

All in all do you think the 620 is a better option over the 510?

I'm hoping to keep it for a good long while (honest!) and no doubt in the future will invest in some faster glass such as the 50-200. Would the 620 take advantage of the SWD? As the 510 wouldnt.

What made you decide to go for the 620, given that you already had the 510??

I try to keep 2 cameras so I have a back up if I ever get a pressure photoshoot. (This sounds like a professional talking, but it isn't..)

So, I changed from (E400 + E510) to (E510 + what??) Well the E3 was much too big and expensive, and the E30 was also too big and expensive. The E620 was getting rave reviews and close comparisons to the E30, and Olympus were running the free grip and battery offer.. So the rest is history.

To tell the truth I was expecting all the small improvements (tilt screen, 12Mp not 10Mp) and all the hype to deliver galactic images... Its a tribute to the E510 that I find the E620 to be just mildly better image wise. However, as I have said before... if you have the E510, don't pick up and try the E620. Its like an old friend with a make over and improvements in all departments. All the menus and the screen and the general programmability are just that bit nicer. The tilt screen comes into its own now and then. I don't have any SWD lenses, but I can say the camera is even better with a SWD lens and live view in operation... So: I mostly use the E510 at work for basic equipment pictures these days. The creative stuff is all done with the E620.

Look, I'm an old man. I shouldn't be expected to put up with this.

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