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Old 19th June 2010
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Re: What should I do?

I have both E510 and E620. Both nice cameras, but the E620 is nicer and more modern feeling, has a twist and tilt screen plus it does clever tricks in Live view with SWD lenses (etc etc)

However: IMHO there is very little to choose image quality between the two, and if you are not careful with your setup, the E620 can actually seem slightly noisier than the E510. I was expecting it to be a quantumn step up (image wise) from the E510, but it wasn't...


Aha. I knew I had an example shot. Here we have the two camera compared last November not long after I got the E620. These would have both started as raw files. Both at the same position, lighting, approximately the same exposure* and same lens, both at ISO200. E620 at the top, very slightly noisier, and also slightly darker, so it would look worse when lifted slightly.

*I decided that the ISO sensitivity of the E620 was optimistic, so from then on I have applied a global +1/2 stop exposure so I hopefully never lift the shadows. In general I tend to lower the "exposure" in ACR when processing the raw file. This produces the cleanest images for me, while avoiding too much highlight clipping.

Hope this helps

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