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Re: AF Fine Adjustment on E-M1 Mk II

Originally Posted by MJ224 View Post
All double dutch to me...........

Either the focus works or not. Certainly did not pay 1700+ for the focus system not to work.

Well over my head..........................
When I was trying to focus on an object using the 40-150 Pro lens with the MC14 TC that took more effort than it did on E-M1 then I wanted to find out why & what the differences were & how I can make it at least as reliable in those circumstances. I also didn't pay $2500 to be disappointed either. I'm not sure if anything I've done has really made any difference or not, but I will just be cautious when taking photos where I'm trying to focus on a small area in isolation to the surrounds & if necessary try the Magnification selection (at X 14 size AF box) if needed, in the hope that it may only use CD-AF (for S-AF), giving that further flexibility in the use of the camera.
On going back over the frames I believe IS was part of the issue too. Also, just for the information, I was using Anti-Shock Sequential Low drive mode.
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