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Re: A downside of not having an Anti-aliasing filter?

Originally Posted by wornish View Post
I just tried the Lightroom adjustment brush with the moire reduction tool on the bird image and I cant get it to work on the area of feathers.

Is it actually Moire as I thought that showed as coloured patterns?

Isn't it simply showing a diffraction pattern, which cant be fixed easily. Might be completely wrong though.

I suppose with cameras it will often produce coloured patterns (due to the bayer matrix) but most of the occurrences I've seen direct have certainly been monochrome.

This sort of issue is precisely why camera manufacturers put the AA filter in for so many years. It surprises me the effect is as difficult to notice as it is! I've just sent a camera off for an IR conversion which will remove the AA filter as well, so I might have to look out for things like this now...
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