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Re: My latest foray into FF mirrorless - and why I'm sticking with m43

On the wider subject of m43 and the IQ gap to FF... I was doing some re-org over the weekend of my photo library since I'd blown the 1TB hard disk I was using for the library (now upgraded to 4TB ). Anyhow, using LR's metadata filtering, I noticed a few things:

- 90% of my shots are at ISO 200

- Comparing my ISO 200 shots to ISO 100 shots on the A7iii I took at LCE last week (i.e. both cameras on base ISO), I can see very little difference. DR is a tad better on the Sony, but I don't think it's night & day difference (ha, ha). Pushing shadows on the Oly still keeps the noise in reasonable shape and adding just a little NR deals with it without noticable softening. So, m43 really is perfectly good enough at base ISO. No need for FF at all when looking only at noise and general image quality (of course, there may be other reasons for FF such as narrower DOF or if you use a higher resolution FF camera).

- For the 10% of shots above ISO 200, I must say that close inspection is a bit of a mixed bag. For shots taken with very sharp lenses and taken outdoors where I'd given the image a healthy exposure (usually overexposed so far as the metering was concerned), then they were generally acceptable up to ISO 1600 (I'm talking E-M1ii mainly but I think the comments apply to pretty much every 16 or 20Mp Oly camera).

- For shots indoors, often in poor light and where the exposure was not pushed up, the results often looked pretty bad as low as ISO 800. Usually these were shots of people where using the IBIS to get a longer exposure time to reduce ISO was not an option.

I think I may keep my eye open for something that would better suit indoor low light shooting. An RX1Rii looks a possibility, but it's pretty pricey. Alternatively, an A7iii with the Samyang 35/1.4 would come in at about the same but somewhat larger. An Oly f1.2 prime is a possibility, but I don't think it'd really offer enough extra.
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