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Re: Olympus 150-400 Rumour

Originally Posted by Phill D View Post
The option of a x2 tc sounds very attractive to me. Converting my 40-150 to an 80-300 f5.6. That sounds like a great way to get a birding lens without going for the 100-400 panasonic or the expense of the new oly lens.
Pretty much the way I'm thinking. My 40-150 will get a new lease of life.

For me the new lens roadmap is the most interesting aspect of today's announcement. Of course history shows that Olympus don't always deliver on their lens roadmaps.

It's the 2 proposed telephoto zooms in the ~60 to ~250mm range that are notable. Since their zoom ranges seem to largely overlap, it will be interesting to discover what the main differences will be (max aperture, built-in IS ?)
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