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Re: Is this a conspiracy?

Originally Posted by Jax View Post
Yet another prime example of what I referred to in my previous post. Such a futile, childish, nasty comment.

Sometimes it makes me ashamed to be part of this forum.

Really? Weíre all different, all have different ideas, some good some bad. Many of mine are bad and I expect many of yours are too. None of us are perfect. Iíve spent time in Muslim countries, communist countries and the one thing that strikes me is that for the most part ordinary people are just that, the world over, ordinary people that want to get on with our lives and hold no malice towards other people, other religions, other ideologies as long as those ideologies are not forced upon us.
The one thing we know we have in common is our love of cameras and photography, letís not let that be spoilt by different views of the world. If we all shared the same views of the world it would be a pretty tragic place!
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