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Re: Olympus Kit for sale from long standing original member :)

Originally Posted by Kami View Post
Sorry to put a damper on your thread, but these prices seem a bit higher than the market these days. Admittedly, the majority are with boxes, but these prices seem a little higher than Ffordes, and a lot higher than CEX ... for example.

FWIW, I'd highly recommend the 70-300 4/3 version for m4/3 bodies; and the 11-22 and 14-54 are both highly-regarded even for m4/3 with converters ...
Originally Posted by Kami View Post
Better check your facts - CEX has the 11-22, 14-54, 70-300, the original 40-150, an E5, an E3, a few E410s all in stock at the moment. CEX seems to be the primary source, apart from Ffordes, of 4/3 stuff. It even has the 7-14 and the 35-100 at the moment.
Originally Posted by Kami View Post
CEX have been very good to me when descriptions haven't matched expectations. They also clarify if you phone the branch concerned. Camera gear isn't their speciality, which is perhaps why they are frequently cheaper than more specialist concerns, but also why they actually stock some 4/3 items these days.

They are very good on refunds, too :-)

Other suppliers of secondhand gear don't often buy 4/3 these days - you try getting a quote from MBP, Wex or LCE or ...

Anyway, good luck with the sales :-)
As interested as you may be, Kami, in the pro’s, con’s, merits or otherwise of selling / buying through the likes of MBP, Wex or LCE, I respectfully point out that my for sale thread, yes indeed, this one, is perhaps not (no… actually scrub those last few words, it’s not ‘perhaps not’, it should be ‘definitely not’) the most appropriate or relevant thread where one should embark on such discussions.

Not to worry though as I have been ever so thoughtful, by taking the time and liberty to create a totally new thread, dedicated purely for discussion on that very topic, which, if anyone wishes to contribute to it, can be found here.

I would suggest that further recommendations on the benefits [or not] of using MBP, Wex, LCE or indeed any other vendor - in preference to the For Sale section, and specifically my For Sale post, here on e-Group - would be far better discussed in detail within that specific thread.

Thanking you muchly.

NB: Said, ever so slightly… tongue-in-cheek.

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