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Re: AF Fine Adjustment on E-M1 Mk II

It is important to realize that that could have nothing to do with front/back focusing. The AF sensors are out for contrast edges, and they are more abundant in feathers than around the eye. The only way to find out whether the lens/camera is really front or back focusing, which I seriously doubt given the nature of the system, is with a dedicated AF fine tuning chart. Can also make one yourself. No need to buy anything.
Important to know also which AF points were selected. Single point is the only way to really select the focus point. Give the camera more choices and it will go for whatever it thinks is best. I have the 300/4 Pro, and there are times when I want the eye and get feathers instead, but it is always with 5 or 9 points selected. Single point is the way to go on static subjects. On the focus fine tune chart it is bang on.
Here is an example from the other day:

Took care to get the focus point right on the eye. The feathers on the shoulder are much more attractive for the AF system, and at that distance, even a single AF point can be problematic.
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