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Re: Spending a day testing the E-M1 II in Spain this weekend

Originally Posted by Ian View Post
Yes, the idea is that the 14 frames prior to you pressing the shutter release will be saved. This can either be at 18 or 60fps. But that's only a quarter of a second in 60fps mode! I missed the critical arrow impacting on the balloons several times and I need to understand if that was just me (more likely!) or if you must release the shutter promptly as well. I had half a dozen goes and was successful in about half the attempts so I will look at how many frames were recorded, etc. It's a great feature though, especially as it's full 20MP resolution. Panasonic has this feature as part of its 4K Photo mode but that's only at 8MP resolution and 25 or 30fps.

Thanks Ian this is very helpful information on the Pro Capture feature even at 18fps less than a second to press the shutter once you see the arrow. Are your images from a set using the 18 or 60fps drive? This is a reflex sensitive challenge to get right. Did you have a countdown from the person releasing the arrow or was a question of listening for the flight of the arrow?

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