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Re: E620, E300, grips, 17.5-45, 0.2x fisheye adapter (37mm dia)

OK :-)

The E620 is still available, as is the fisheye adapter.

The E300 is with a friend, and then going to be with another - trying to convert P&S users to 4/3 or m4/3. She has the 17.5-45 lens, too.

I will then lend friends the E1 I have OR the E620, depending on how much they have used the E300 and how carefully ! If the E620 has gone, they'll not be able to use it, will they ?

I now have a 70-300 4/3 so the 40-150 is available, though I see you have two.

I guess you aren't after the E300, but are after the E620, body only. No ?
(I quite enjoy guessing games :-D)

So, you could have the boxed kit if you wished, or else just the body.
Make me a reasonable offer :-)

You'll get the HLD-5 whatever, as I didn't pay too much for it and it's a nuisance to use. Great on a tripod, but only use the one battery compartment. Maybe I should fiddle with it to see if I can improve it.

(To be honest, though, I'd recommend saving the money towards purchase of a used EM-5, or a new EM-10, and a MMF-whichever adapter. My E620 is hardly used compared to my EM-5, which I got here off another member).
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