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Re: 50mm Macro, EX25 and EC14

Hi there everyone!

Well I have had a play today and what everyone had asserted was correct - you cannot focus or use the aperture with both the ex25 and ec14 on at once, but after some serious searching on the forums older post there is a usable work around - set the lens up with just one of the adapters in place, set the focus to maximum extension then set the aperture to the required setting and press the dof button ( my e30 and e1 both have this). Now press the lens release button whilst the dof button is pressed which will break the electrical connections to the lens. I now can power down the camera with the lens release button pressed and the lens will stay set. Now with the extra adapter fitted the lens stays at full extension with a closed down aperture. Because of the stopped down aperture the viewfinder is dark (I took some at f13 for comparisons which I'll post later) so additional lighting will help, but it is usable just. Whether I will need or use this set-up is not so certain - even at f13 the dof is tiny ( about 1mm).

What I find amazing is the quality of the images whichever adapter (or even both) is fitted. It's not called super high grade for nothing!


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