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Re: 50mm Macro, EX25 and EC14

Originally Posted by Ralph Harwood View Post
Hi there everyone!

Thanks for your answers

David M - no AF is not a problem as the plan is to use full extension and "rock" to get the focus right. I haven't got John Shaws books, I'll have to google him later. Provided there is no "wrong" way I'll try both and see what works best in each case.

I'm hoping that the internal electronics in the lens will be able to control the focus motor using power from the camera through the EC-14 and EX25.

IainMacD - I'll take some pics and post some on here if i get chance tomorrow - If it works at all.


it won't work

or to be more accurate, it will only work at minimum focus distance with an aperture of f2 - who say's 43 can't do small dof!- so your 'rocking will have to be in increments of about 1/10,000" ie a focus rail would be a must.

just use the 50 with the EC14; from what's you have written this will give you appropriate magnification and working distance; with the EC14,EC20, EX25 and the 50/2 the extension tube is my least used option (but it's good with the 50-200 for flowers and large insects!
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