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Re: E30 worthwhile step up ????

Originally Posted by Phill D View Post
Ralph not sure I'd agree with you about the sharpness the E510 is generally regarded as the sharpest of the early Oly dslrs. I bought an E620 (pretty much the same sensor as the E30) as an upgrade for my E510 but sold it after a few months. It was better in the tone curve it used especially how it handled highlights but the native sharpness wasn't quite as good as from the E510 in the comparison images I did hence it went. I'm sure the E30 is a good upgrade for the E520 for all the other reasons you mention though and the sharpness can be tweaked in pp when necessary.
Hi there Phil!

It may well be that I had a bad version of the E-510 (It was second hand and cheap too) as I never found it as sharp as the E-410 I'd bought it to replace. A few months later the E-30 came along at a price I couldn't refuse and the IQ is just so much better than the E-510. The E-510 is still a nice camera, and for a while the IS was a great help, but the E-30 just seems so much better for most things (and it balances my sigma 70-200 f2.8 a lot better too!).


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