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Re: 35mm Canon AE-1 - France

Originally Posted by Bangonthedoortwice View Post
Both pictures are superb. I love the way the first one has the countryside with the old phone box dumped just 'there'.

Isle of Skye looks so sharp with depth, the shadows from the clouds are gorgeous and i also like the snake swivel road to the bottom right that draws my eyes down there. Well done, film still has its place! Personally i prefer the IQ from 35mm.

PP prices have rocketed, they are so high nowadays i agree with you. Where was it you could process for 58p though? And you must've had many physical prints? I seem to not print as many now with Digital, i just keep seeing plastic images of late. I just have two large boring square black boxes (hard drives) and less prints.

I took 4 films to be developed to my local town a fortnight go, Fujifilm ISO 100 24 exp - and no shops would process them and put them on my memory card or USB pen (Boots/Max Spielman/Tesco/Fairs. Instead, M.S. insisted on putting each roll of film on a seperate CD (my Laptop doesn't even have a CD drive) and 4 for each roll which was the cheapest) and at which took 3hrs with no physical prints 16 for four films! If it was cheap i would shoot film so much more.
The 58p was for postage only, not for actual processing. Now it costs 3.
For colour print films I use Photo Express in Hull who will process the film and scan to CD for 5.50. I never bother with prints as I can usually do better printing them on my own printer at home.

Both of the images above were shot on slide film. The bottom one was shot on Fuji Provia and the top one on Agfaphoto CT Precisa. The Agfa film is a budget film which many people think is actually Provia which has failed Fuji's very strict quality control. It's made in Japan so it must be Fuji of some description. I think both films have a very similar colour palette so I wouldn't be surprised if they were the same.

I send my slide films to who process and scan the film for 9. The scans are excellent quality but unfortunately they charge 4 for return postage. If you add up the cost of the budget slide film, processing and postage it comes to 20 per film. It definitely makes you a lot more careful at the shooting stage.
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