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Discussion of the "For Sale" section

Zukio 7-14 mm F4. Excellent Condition. 750
Zukio 150. F2. Excellent Condition. 1350
Zukio 11-22 F2.8-3.5. Excellent Condition 550
Zukio 50-200 ED F2.8-3.5 Excellent Condition. 550
Zukio 14-54 F2.8- 3.5 Excellent condition. 375

Little used kit.

Or buy the lot with various bags, hoods filters etc for 3175.

This post seems to have re-opened an old debate and the following replies were nothing to do with the purpose of the thread, for the Opening Poster to sell some lenses. I have therefore duplicated the thread here, for those who wish to continue the debate and edited the original thread in the For Sale section so that it may serve its proper purpose.

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