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Re: I Need Help!

Hi Zuiko,
Thanks for your reply. It certainly makes things a lot clearer. You are right about me being happy with the E600 and that the natural thing to do was go with the E 620 body only. My only worry was that a body only deal at 350 was too much considering the price i paid for the E600 kit. I do shoot everything from portraits to cyclocross races, when not taking part,wild life, landscapes even. So an all rounder is important. The Olympus EPL1 is on offer also at about 250 refurbished - Ive read many a great review on its IQ. The compact size is tempting however as you stated there is no VF and to buy one could be an extra 190. The price seemed very good 100 cheaper than the E620. Budget is a factor, however getting the best camera for my needs is important also, which is why my initial purchase was very good and met all my criteria. It is down to the E620 body 350 new or the EPL1 Kit 14-42 8gb refurb 250. Ive read so many reviews its seems to be personal taste more than anything else to separate them. IQ is said to be better on the EPL1, however if both are used in raw the difference is negligible and of course the compact size but expensive VF is another.
It really is up in the air for me, do i spend 50 or 50 less and try something different, i don't know. What would you do?
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