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Old 5th February 2011
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Re: E-P1 second try

I will try and give the E-P1 a fair trial there as always been talk of a slow auto focus well the camera i have here as no problems even in darker conditions. Love the feel and build its just that when i tested against a camera with a so much smaller sensor i expected to be able to crop deeper. It did surprise me when i took photos on the same card the same time of day at the same subject and both on auto. The GX200 gave better colour better cropping and well won hands down. The E-P1 must be able to complete with a camera with such a small sensor so it must be down to settings. Mind you in fairness if anyone wanted a small well built camera with full control the Ricoh GX200 is fantastic but not cheap.
Will be out every day trying the E-P1 and hopefully i can get the camera set up to give me good shots.
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