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Re: Honestly, do you like autofocus?

Personally, I prefer Manual Focus. It makes shooting more... interactive.

AF has revolutionized Photography indeed but in most cases I find myself shooting with my old MF lenses that the newer AF ones.

It is worth noting that AF lenses are not optimized for manual focusing at all.
The focus ring is short and it is very difficult to fine focus, unlike old lenses.
So it's not fair to compare manual focusing between them.

Strangely enough, I prefer MF even on Telephoto Lenses. When I am using my 200-500mm lenses and I shoot birds, for example, people ask me how on earth did I manage. I actually find it easier, there is no "focus hunting", fine focusing is easy and I have a high success rate.
For street photography, hyperfocal does the trick. A small manual focus wide andgle prime set at f/8 has everything focus from 2m to infinity.
Macro is also another fine example where MF is preferable most of the times.
Last but no least, I only use MF for portraits. I focus where I want (may be the eyes, the hair, hands etc) and not where the camera thinks I should focus.

I do not get distracted by the "beep" or the green light and I do use AF on my 14-150mm II which is my all-around lens and I use it for general shooting and when I travel.

But if I had to choose one of the two, MF or AF, I would choose MF hands down.
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