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Re: Honestly, do you like autofocus?

Originally Posted by TimP View Post
Richards version does look much better but itís now looking too purple.

Sorry to be critical yet offer no assistance in whatís actually wrong but I donít know where to begin. Iíd take a look at the original image / negative / slide to see what it looked like before it entered into the world of 1ís and 0ís.
What puzzles me is that I used the same image in the Nostalgia Nexus thread a few weeks back and nobody mentioned anything about it being blue. Somebody did mention that it had a 'cross processed look about it' but I think that was more about the range of colours which I felt had an almost prehistoric feel about it.

Back on to the original subject: whilst it is true that autofocus can usually be switched off, or overridden, the fact remains that modern cameras are not really designed for manual focusing, especially with regard to viewfinders.

I can easily put my 12 ~ 40 mm zoom into manual focus mode by pushing the focusing ring forward, but the mechanical action is heavy and nowhere near as pleasant to use as a proper manual focus OM lens.

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