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Hyperfocal Distance

This website looks really good for working out the Hyperfocal Distance, so I made up a card with focal lengths and f-stops I commonly use for landscape work and had a try out, but something isn't right. Here's an example with the E1 and the 12-60.

Exif: 24mm, F9, so according to the chart the hyperfocal distance should be 4.5 metres.

The rock in the lower left is about 5 metres away so I focussed on it.

Here's a 100% crop of the rock:
Not pin sharp, but ok

Here's the village in the distance:

Looks pretty OOF to me, but my understanding is if I focus on the hyperfocal distance, everything from closer than that to infinity should be in focus. Does anyone have any tips/advice/clues?

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