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Re: Spring meeting in Newcastle upon Tyne?

I can guess that this has taken a lot of thought and consideration, even if only to announce that you 'might' be going over to Nikon. So let's hope that the E-5 answers a few of the concerns that you presumably have about Olys as a future path.

As a Canon EOS user previously, I still keep an eye on other makes - Nikon at one stage came close to tempting me, but Canon would always probably also have some allure.
I feel it a shame that Olympus hasn't kept to a clear enthusiast/semi-pro/pro routeplan for the longer term, as a lot of these types of users will want to ensure that their camera choice will provide continuity of support and progress well into the future. The provision of seemingly just one camera (the E-5) in this type of routeplan makes it difficult to see how Olympus can continue to provide the attraction that it has had until recently. The micro four thirds range I feel is a distraction and not the full answer for the semi pro/pro, which is a shame as those that tend to support Olympus probably would continue to it if there was clarity to this routeplan.
So I hope it all goes well for you whatever the choice - and remember, if the darkside is reached you could always hold a yardsale on a certain day in May!! I'll put a bid in for the 50-200mm!

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