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Re: AC-5 power supply for HLD-9 grip

Originally Posted by MikeOxon View Post
I am very grateful to you, Steve, for taking so much trouble over my request. I now have all the information, including the plug size, that I need to source a suitable PSU.

I notice that some of the supplies you listed are rated at 50w, even though the rated output is less than 5A, so I guess that they have reserve in hand for short term demands. Like you, I doubt very much whether any of these cameras need anything like 5A continuous output.

Many thanks
The last thing you need to check is the polarity of the connection. It's pretty much standard that the centre pin of the power plug is +ve and the sleeve is -ve but I have seen some equipment wired the other way round. Just a point to be wary of before applying power.

If anyone has a genuine AC-5 could they have a look to see what the polarity is? There will be a small diagram on the underside showing which is +ve and which is -ve.

The power rating is simply the current multiplied by the voltage. Where the quoted power is less than the product of the two then, yes, take the lower power value as the continuous rated value.

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