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Re: Where's my biscuit?

Yes, this is a pleasing portrait. However, the movement of the trees in the background indicates that you are suffering from camera shake. Remember, that this focal length is the 35mm equivalent of a 600mm lens, so even with image stabilisation you are asking a lot of it to keep steady at 1/200th.
As Paul says, don't be afraid to up the ISO, especially in good light such as this where noise won't be as noticable, and try to shoot with this lens at 1/500th or shorter. If you are shooting a specific object, such as a bird or animal, cnsider what you want in focus and set an aperture accordingly. You don't need the background in focus, just the bird, so you can get away with a shorter depth of field and consequently a larger aperture.
I always found it difficult to get decent results from my 70-300, but it was mainly the fault of the photographer, not the lens!
By the way, I wouldn't advocate live view in such situations. Just too slow to focus and expose.

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