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Re: Merits or otherwise of buying / selling in MBP, WEX or LCE

The thread which spawned this one also had references to CEX (Complete Entertainment Exchange), which is - I think - a very different kettle of fish. It is quite a chain in the UK (though I think the US chain has closed) - with lots of real shops and also a very active website, and they focus mainly on computers, phones and gaming devices, but also includes photography and anything else techy that people want to buy and sell. They buy used kit from customers at quite low, published, prices (or a bit more if you accept vouchers instead of cash), do some limited quality control, and then sell at quite a high markup, though - for photography at least - often below other retailers such as LCE. They do offer some guarantee.

They don't really seem to understand photography, so the descriptions and condition designations (where used) are rather poor. For instance I saw a Metz ring flash for Oly advertised on their site, but with little detail as to whether it included the very lose-able attachment accessories. I asked at my local store, who called the store where it was, and I got a verbal description, and as a result got the complete set at a bargain price.

I imagine if you were contemplating a lens and asked about dust, fungus etc you'd meet with a blank. Not sure what would happen if you took a lens back with those sort of quality issues. I think their condition scores are based on appearance.

Here's one entry from their current online catalogue:

Panasonic Lumix G 25mm f/1.7 ASPH
Electronics / Camera Lenses

WeSell for 115.00
WeBuy for cash 54.00
WeBuy for voucher 76.00
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