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Re: Merits or otherwise of buying / selling in MBP, WEX or LCE

My experiences...

LCE Norwich

in person - bought a used Pentax manual lens - very cheap, clean, no problem.

WEX in Norwich

in person - traded a Pentax DSLR and bought an open box E-M10.
Booked an appointment. They took an hour to inspect the K100D and made me a fair offer, then rejected the kit lens as they said there was some fungus in it and it wasn't worth repairing. I couldn't see a problem but what do I know?
On that basis I'd trust their used kit to be well checked.

The open box E-M10 was basically brand new but with a low hundred shutter count. I assume someone bought it, played with it or used it for something then returned. I registered it with My Olympus without any issue.

WEX offer a 12m warranty

Asked them a trade in price on a Fuji X-M1 I won in a competition .
Considering it was a sealed box direct from Fuji the offer was very low so I didn't sell and passed it on to a friend for a song.

Bought a body cap lens. Good price and good condition.
Shipped in a ridiculously large box but all good.
For some reason they seem to use the images for the various 14-42mm zooms interchangeably, often using the II R image for the EZ pancake in the main page.

Asked them for online quotes for various items as trade in but never got a price I was happy with.

MBP offer a 6m warranty

Camera Jungle
Bought an E-M10ii which was a very good price. It was described as "mint" but when it arrived it had scratches on the viewfinder case. As their description of "mint" includes "no visible marks, wear or scratches" I got in touch. After a few emails they paid me a partial refund to cover the difference between the sold condition and the description.

Camera Jungle offer a 12m warranty

I'd use any of these retailers in the future to buy. I haven't been impressed with any of the trade in quotes I've had from any of them bar that first WEX one when I'd already made my mind up I would take less than they actually offered as I wanted to switch.
If you have time then I think you can get better prices selling in forums.
If you're prepared to take the risk on faults you can usually buy cheaper in forums too.

It's worth checking several suppliers as I've noticed that the used prices vary dramatically from seller to seller and over time.
At the moment an E-M10ii at Camera Jungle starts at 214 (excellent) at MBP it's 289, 315 at Wex for 9/10.
The Olympus 17mm f1.8 in excellent condition at MPB is 249 or 262.50 at Camera Jungle or 269 at Wex.
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