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Re: Want to try Macro photography?

These were all taken with the ZD 70-300 which was redundant at the time (will be again when I get my Bigma back). What I found was that the longer focal length was essential for good Macro work without disturbing the subjects (Robins Pincushion being an obvious example where this would not apply). Having said that, click on the images and look at the exif data. The second shot was taken with an fl of 125mm. The kit lens you have is a superb lens and should allow you to get some really good shots - I shall trawl through my photos and see if I can find some that I can show you.
You will find that, with the screw on lens fitted, you will get a focussing window. That is, a minimum distance and a maximum distance from the subject. At all other distances the subject will remain out of focus. This window will change depending on the focal length set.
To start you off and avoid complications, set the lens to maximum focal length. Adjust the focus manually to get the subject into best focus. You may not achieve proper focus at this stage. Stop manually focussing and move closer then further away from the subject until focus locks with the button half pressed. Take you shot and bingo, should be sharp. Experiment after you have a few good shots under your belt and you will find a technique that best suits you.
The usual rules apply for dof - the closer you are to the subject the shallower the dof and the wider the aperture the shallower the dof. Practise will make perfect.
I tend to use ISO 800 for most of my shots when using the E3. ISO 400 is my limit using the E500. These are my preferences but I am not sure about your E420.
Please do ask if you want any further advice or have any query about your set up. I will be more than happy to help. Good luck and don't forget to post your images - tomorrow night.
Cheers for now
Best Regards

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