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Re: "shopping in" and "cloning out" ?

Originally Posted by benvendetta View Post
I am happy to do anything within reason to acheive what I want to do (lack of technical skills usually limits this, LOL!). It is all to do with wanting to record exactly what you have seen (maybe warts and all) or producing a 'perfect' image.
By the way Chevvy, your first image looks a bit false whereas the second looks very natural (to me at least).
Yeah Dave I agree which I why I selected these two but it was "Fun" and loved, by the Lovers wedded and their families bought smiles across the miles to all .. and often that is the objective

after all, all the Wedding Party loved this image the best "Zorro" OOC

which is a very candid, 2 seconds after the Brides Best Mate ceremoniously handed over Grandfathers Dress Sword for the Cake cutting

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