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"shopping in" and "cloning out" ?

Ok opinions please. keep it nice

Some of us like "shopping in" objects to create an image and most of us would "clone out" an object or area of an image, to improve the composition.

This debate has started in StephenL "Ribblehead Viaduct" thread with some magnificent images.

one I "shopped in" is

the image of the newly weds, I took at the bottom of HMS Warrior as they were leaving for their Honeymoon after being married on Warrior and enjoying their Wedding Supper and dancing late int the night

This image I "shopped" to make their 1st Anniversary wedding card - one of the wedding images was of them with the tower but no moon and stars and a very VERY dear friend Vance let me use his image in "swhopping" to create this - he being Ex Navy (Vance) and the bride being the CEO of the RYA

Right or wrong ? comment please

another example

I wanted a sunrise or sunset by the old Smugglers Cottages for a project - got up at 3 am and off to Langstone Harbour I went ... only there was no sunrise view where I wanted it ! so I made one and "glowed" the cottages in a bath of peach light !

right or wrong? comments please
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