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Re: Delivery dates...

Originally Posted by mcwill View Post
I'm in the same boat, waiting for an Olympus direct order. I have my eyes peeled for a DHL truck but I've just noticed the following in my Order Confirmation email back on the 11th.

"As soon as the order will be shipped, we will send you a bill for your purchase by e-mail."

As I haven't received an email copy of the invoice, I suspect my camera hasn't shipped yet.
That is annoying as, like you, my card has been debited, and I do not understand their thinking here!
Why debit before dispatching goods??
Very unprofessional if that is the case, particularly as Olympus told me they would be sending my camera body once they had taken the money!

I was, however, told yesterday that we would NOT receive any e-mail, but the goods would just arrive.

Mixed messages here.

I would like some confirmation either way..
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