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Re: Is the OMD-EM1 a replacement for the E5 or the OMD-EM5?

Why not get some professional sports photographers to test out the new camera on that event with both FT glass and MFT glass.
I am one of those thinking the em1 isn't for me BUT I bet a pound to a pinch of anything that a pro photographer would tease superb images from an EM1.

Unfortunately i want a two body set up (in reality I can never be arsed to change lenses all the time). Size, ovf v evf, grips etc. etc. are pretty irrelevant to me. I have hobbled my choices by investing in d800 imo the prosumer camera capable of the best images around ( emphasis on capable).

Image quality and ergonomics are the deal breakers I bet the EM1 will have those in spades.

What it doesn't give me is price v performance (it may do that if i was ditching the D800 and going for a two mft solution but low light is the clincher there) for a second body hence my for sale thread.

I have seriously considered an em1 and e5 set up. I get more"keepers" from my E5 THAN i DO MY d800.

Apart from low light, unless you print larger than A3 the E5 is awesome.
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