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Re: Is the OMD-EM1 a replacement for the E5 or the OMD-EM5?

Originally Posted by birdboy View Post

I am really concerned that if I was to buy the EM1 I will lose some of the functionality I have at the moment with the E3 & E5 and miss shots because the camera did not refresh in the time I needed it too. I also do not want to be buying more remote trigger cables and flash guns. I am very interested in the EM1 as a potential addition to my equipment and that's why I have been reading the manual before buying the camera.
I can't really think of anything about the E-M1 which is slower than the E-5 in the way you appear to be worried about. Is there anything specific?

The E-M1 is fully compatible with the Olympus dedicated flash system - there are no changes in this respect.

The E-M1 uses the same USB port system introduced by Olympus with the E-500 in 2005 so any compatible remote cable release will work with the E-M5. Yes, it's different to the E-5 and E-3, but every other E-System and Pen/OM-D camera model since 2005 has used the same USB port specification.

And don't forget that if you use an Android or Apple iOS smartphone or tablet you will be able to control the camera wirelessly over wifi in a very sophisticated manner.

Olympus with all its inhouse AF testing knew that the EM5 would not perform well with FT glass and I am sure they know that their tests show that the EM1 does not exceed the E5 with FT glass as far as AF is concerned.
I don't really understand the latter half of this particular comment. All the feedback I have had from Olympus in Japan combined with my own experience comparing the E-5 with the E-M1 I have relayed here on the forums basically amounts to confidence that the E-M1 AF is better than an E-5. There are some conditions where an E-5 will work better, but overall Olympus is confident that the E-M1 is better and so am I.

I do accept that Thursday's hands-on evening was a bit spoiled by the cameras being customised willy-nilly combined with inadequate experience (myself included!) resulting in less than ideal settings for testing things out. I feel responsible for that - we should have told everyone the procedure for resetting the cameras at the very least.


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