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Re: Is the OMD-EM1 a replacement for the E5 or the OMD-EM5?

Originally Posted by Ian View Post
What are your concerns about whether or not it will do the job you expect of it?

I love photography and the taking of pictures for our own personal memory of places we have been. Prior to 2008 and the E3 I had a Olympus C765UZ it was at the time a great little camera for everything but action and in particular BIF. I think it had an EVF.

I am really concerned that if I was to buy the EM1 I will lose some of the functionality I have at the moment with the E3 & E5 and miss shots because the camera did not refresh in the time I needed it too. I also do not want to be buying more remote trigger cables and flash guns. I am very interested in the EM1 as a potential addition to my equipment and that's why I have been reading the manual before buying the camera.

It also annoys me that Olympus very quickly dropped FT in favour of mirrorless bodies before the technology has properly matured. EVF and OVF should be run in parallel. When the next gizmo comes along will they then drop MFT. No other leading camera manufacturers drops its range of backward compatibility in the way which Olympus does. They had an E7 they should have put it out for their customers to decide if that was the way to go. We are being driven by what Olympus wants to make and not what their customer want.

Olympus with all its inhouse AF testing knew that the EM5 would not perform well with FT glass and I am sure they know that their tests show that the EM1 does not exceed the E5 with FT glass as far as AF is concerned.

Olympus have made many claims about the new camera. Thanks to you I got to feel and see the new camera last Thursday. I made a note of things I wanted to test on the day. 1 AF performance with FT glass in particular my 50-200mm SWD. 2) the EVF and panning and 3) MF and focus peaking. Yes I liked the new lens 12-40f2.8 and I would expect that to outperform the 12-60mmSWD I have. I liked the big viewfinder and I like the ability to do time lapse photography in camera but these were nice to have.

It was a good friendly day and useful day but I have to say that the EM1disappointed me in that it did not do the things I set out to test. That may well be down to familiarity with the camera and it is a first impression.


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