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E-30 Vs E-3 major functional differences

I've just picked up a used E-30 from that auction site at a reasonable price. It's come from Germany so once I've figured out how to change the language I'm going out to play.

I've bough the E-30 as a stop gap to use along side my E-3, I didn't want to spend a lot of money on the eve of Oly, hopefully, announcing something new for 4/3 (plus the budget just got swallowed as a deposit for next years big holiday).

I didn't get a manual but have owned several Oly cameras now (e-500, e-510, e-3 & EP-2) so the interface is familiar. What I'm looking for are the features the E-30 has that my E-3 doesn't (it sure has a lot of dials). I get the whole no weather sealing, bigger sensor, slightly improved ISO aspect. It's stuff like the AF tweaking I'm after (main reason I bought one as I'm hopefully renting a little tuna next month and I'm worried about back focus with my EC-14 & EC-20). I think it has scene modes and art filters too.

Thanks in advance
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