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Re: Impulse buy

The screen blackout on mine is also noticeable - and perhaps slightly longer than on my E-M5 - so it is probably normal behaviour for the E-P3. It does not seem to be related to the writing of images to the memory card so a faster card is not likely to affect it. (I think one of the reviews at the time commented on it too.) Interestingly, if you set it to sequential shooting, the screen does not black out after very briefly blinking for the first image. But if you pan, then you realise that the screen is just frozen for probably the same time interval!

I'm finding the rear screen surprisingly good in today's sunshine, so can afford to delay my purchase of the new VF-4 (in the hope prices will drop...)

But the screen does seem to protrude a bit, making it rather vulnerable. Luckily a spare screen protector that I bought for my E-M5 is a perfect fit. As is my LowePro Apex 100 AW case when I'm only carrying the E-P3 and 14-42.

One thing I'm struggling with is where to place the righthand strap and still get my finger on the shutter button! The best I can come up with is to have the strap hanging down under my palm when I'm holding the camera.

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