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Greetings from Worcester

Hello fellow friends.

I think its about time I join a forum with many folk who appreciate the good old Oly's as much as I do.
I've owned my e600 for nearly 4 years now but have been passionate photos as far as I remember.
I love to photograph the unnorm as well as the common, either way I love photography in all forms.
I'm currently on another forum which has a brilliant and friendly atmosphere, it's not as specific in terms of camera brands as this one, however, it is the only (now of course this one) forum I use. Do pop by and introduce yourself
Anyway, I'm not hear to poach. I'm here because all you great folk are. We all own/had/used an Olympus
I was once told by a fellow friend (also a photog) that there are two types of photographers.... One who shoots a scene/scenario that's interesting to the individual or others, to create a frame by what's been given or available to them...
And the other, who creates or composes a scene/scenario to make a frame interesting. Either way, we are all established in what we do best, create a scene, or use a scene available. Take a pic of a flower or do something different with it
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