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Re: E-420 - Very positive review in Digital Camera Magazine July 2008

The E420 is a very good camera, and I have been using one with a 25mm pancake lens for a couple of weeks now as a 'second' camera to my E3.

The operation, colours, metering, etc etc are another level on from the E410/E510, and the Live view is in many ways another level on from the E3! I still can't quite believe that using a 'Y' strap I can carry a DSLR with the strap across my body and the body and lens combo go into a jacket pocket if needed, with a kit 14-42mm in the other pocket! In winter it could be used inside a Barbour like coat, with the camera going into the 'poaching pocket' inside. Olympus should move on another step, go all out for a really tiny body, get rid of the flash, strip everything down that caters for P&S upgraders and all of a sudden the other manufacturers will realise just what 4/3rds can offer.

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