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Re: Splash Proof ... ?

Originally Posted by Chevvyf1 View Post
Mark, love the creative art of 1 & 2 AWESOME ART ! ... Fans amaze me with dedication, rain or snow they turn out in the cold for hours mad
Yes Chevvy - Fans amaze me too. I admit that I have never been interested in or followed sport. By nature I am non-competitive. I see competition as a trick of the weak to harness the able.
Originally Posted by Ross the fiddler View Post
Lovely shots Mark, but some of us are a little over looking at rain at the moment. It was so nice to get some nice sun yesterday & today (although it still rained last night). I might put a thread together tomorrow with a few of the photos I took today. I have more work than I can cope with right now (all I need is the motivation to spend the hours doing it), but I had to take advantage of the sun & grab a few shots in celebration. We just didn't get a Summer this year with only a handful of warm days without rain & with some warm tropical days of high humidity & storms. I can't complain as I would probably have just been veging out in front of the air conditioner if it was a hot Summer (for us here) & worried about bushfires instead. Thanks for the nice photos anyhow Mark. The first one really grabs it for me.
Thanks Ross. And yes, I guess that most of us don't get too excited over rain pictures in the way we drool over sunsets, blue skies, sunlit fields and puppy dogs!

Glad to hear that you have lots of work - keep the wheels of commerce turning son for the likes of us retirees who need our pensions paid!

Unlike you up there in NSW, our summer has been as unbearable as ever. All us southerners complain about the heat and say we long for winter. When it arrives we still complain and again look forward to summer!
Bushfires are not such an issue here as there isn't much bush to burn on these wide flat sparsely timbered plains.

Originally Posted by Phill D View Post
Can't believe no one posted initially. I think those rain shots are really good. The close ups are very artistic. You could hang them in a modern gallery. You just seem to have captured interest in something so ordinary, whenever I try something like that it just captures the ordinary.
Thanks Phil. I agree, the first two pics are arty, the football fans belong to a different genre, street or press photography, which also interest me. However, my initial, badly presented posting went off half-cocked at 2:00AM which I later edited, but probably too late and not before it had had 100 odd views and no replies. The title wasn't too clever either.

Originally Posted by Grumpy Hec View Post
Love #2 with #1 not far behind. Hec
Originally Posted by jdal View Post
I'm voting for #1, a very striking shot. The water looks like mercury.
Thanks there, Hec. and jdal.
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