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E5 got stuck in USB mode

I was out on the moors today in PERFECT weather, took 3 shots and then changed lens. When I powered the camera up it came up in USB mode and nothing I could do would shift it. I changed lenses, took the battery out, took the CF and SD cards out, put in a USB lead (nothing on the end of course), pressed lots of buttons and nothing worked. Effectively a dead camera. I've since got home, put the a connected USB lead in and it's working again.

Aside from having lost the photo opportunity, this is a disaster. I'm off to uninhabited Mingulay for a week in June and had this have happened then, I'd have had a dead camera . I now can't trust the thing, but it's working again so I can't really I send it off to Oly.

Anyone else seen this behaviour? I'm assuming it was a firmware glitch.

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