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Re: OM-D Advertising

Originally Posted by Zuiko View Post
We have critisised Olympus enough in the past for failing to advertse their cameras as effectively as some other brands.

The latest issue of Amateur Photographer, out today, features a double page ad for the E-M5. Not only that, the magazine is sealed with a band that automatically makes you open it at that advert before you can peel the band off. I sense that Olympus feel they have a camera here that they can shout about from the rooftops. Well done Olympus!
Here, here!
A simple but clever trick to get attention plus good editorial coverage.
It gives you the feeling they really believe in this one and perhaps have taken note of some of the comments on here and elsewhere regarding their past marketing performance.
Having read the specs etc on here it seems to me that the "pre order" package price of around 1150 for body,lens and grip (including 20% VAT) is pretty competitive.
Well done indeed.


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