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Re: EP2 or EP3

Originally Posted by Zuiko View Post
Haha, yes, but I've had to sell some treasured items such as my Pentax digital spot meter to finance this - I hope I won't regret it!

I'll see how I get on using this kit exclusively for a while, then it's serious decision time - If I want to add to the kit (like a 45mm f1.8 for example) I will have to sell the E-3 kit, burning my bridges and going completely MFT.

Unless, of course, I win the latest competition - that might just give the FT gear a stay of execution.

Or if I get the job I have an interview for tomorrow - where's the Smilies for fingers crossed and praying on my hands and knees!

Shirley, I handled the E-P3 at my local shop again today and it really does feel right for me. I agree with others that it is probably not worth the money compared to other models, at least on paper, but handling is the No 1 priority for me these days and for that I'm prepared to pay a premium if I have to. good luck with coming to your own decision.
Hi John,
How did the interview go and has the camera arrived yet?
I have just sold my 7-14 lens so I could be buying something soon Still not finally decided, I think I need to handle a few cameras and see what I like. I may take a trip to SRS in Watford, I think they have a good selection of Olympus cameras.....probably end up with an E3/E5 after all this.
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