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Re: Olympus Ignored By Media & Retailers?

Originally Posted by Chevvyf1 View Post
...... Young Peeps are coping better with the fast moving changes in life, they are indeed the CONSUMER SOCIETY, buy the latest and best and bin or eBay the old! [/COLOR]But the Elders are not keen to "give up what was once good and the best" and that is seen very clearly by "diehard Olympus Users" and we are, I feel, being left behind ... BUT then I am happy being a Diehard Oly ! I could afford to change to Canon, but I would feel so disloyal to myself ... so its Oly for me, forever!
I agree with most of your insights Chevvy with the exception of your last para. I don't see Oly as having been left behind but at the very forefront of imaging technology. Oly innovates and the plagiarists imitate and claim it was theirs. They must be terrified of a new generation of togers who might just wake up to telecentricity, in-camera-body IS, superior colour and more. It is undeniable though that in the marketing and astroturfing game Canikon are way out of sight of Oly. I can't but wonder how much payola news cameramen and editors receive to include shots of those obscene white lenses (clever marketing) so often seen in their coverage. It seems that with m4/3 Oly might just have the jump on the opposition and it is in this ingeniously miniaturised format that I see the gravest threat to their arrogance.

Edit: As for you young baby-boomers on this forum I will have you all know that at 75 I am your venerable senior whose authority and wisdom must be respected ! ! !
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