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Re: Olympus Ignored By Media & Retailers?

Originally Posted by Phaedrus View Post
But I really like the E-410, and am excited to be getting an E-620, kit lenses & 70-300. I'm also getting a new backpack & sorting out a new strap set-up. Exciting times for me, and I'm very happy to be sticking with Olympus gear.
Have a look at my new backpack here:

As I've said elsewhere coming back to Olympus after a 25 year break from 'proper' photography, when previously I used my old OM2n, was a no brainer.

As all the second hand kit I have sourced over the last ten weeks has cost me not one penny to date, with some frugal buying and a little 'trading' on, I can sleep soundly in the knowledge that whatever Olympus do I have some great kit which will serve me well for the forseeable future. In fact as we speak I'm actually 86 up!

Do your research, keep your eye on all the trading sources, and buy (or sell!) wisely at the right price. Then there's nothing to lose!

-XZ-1 * VF-2+EP-9
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