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Re: Olympus Ignored By Media & Retailers?


in response to your original post, I have some sympathy with your views. I find the E-5 too heavy and don't like the EP/EPL range of micro 4/3rds bodies that Olympus is currently pumping out from a size and handling perspective. I'm also concerned with the continued and changing stream of these models - makes me feel they don't know what there company "philosophy" is and that we consumers are essentially guinea pigs while they "get it right".

Fortunately I'm quite happy with the two kit lenses and 70-300mm on my 510 and plan to keep using that until something breaks at which time I'll re-evaluate the merits of staying with Olympus.

I would add that I'd considered moving to micro 4/3rd's and had bought a Panasonic GH-1 which I find to be a nice handling body; sadly the onboard software is not really up to the Olympus Venus engine when it comes to producing out of the camera .jpg's (in my opinion).

As for Canon/Nikon et al, from my experience I wouldn't discount them as fine camera's but there's nothing in their lens range for me that approaches the cost/value of the Olympus 70-300mm in that focal length range.

I'd switch back to Nikon if i had to but I'd certainly miss the 4/3rds picture format and that 70-300mm....


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