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Re: Olympus Ignored By Media & Retailers?

As a Olympus user of seven years standing my feeling is that they were never going to attract Canikon users from the outset. The E1 whilst a very good camera and beautifuly made does not deserve the mythical status some members here bestow on it. I just parted with mine as since I have had an E3 it just never came out of the bag in over eighteen months. 5mp. just aint going to cut it they thought, you can get a bridge camera with a higher count than that, what they probably dit not know was that this was achieved through interpolation (ill bet they did not know what that meant either) My second point is that the E1 from new was way way overpriced from the start as was the E3 and the present E5. So your average 35mm. user with a bag of lenses that he can still use on his new digital body, never mind the crop factor and the w/a lenses that vignette so badly you can only use the central portion of the image, was never going to make the switch. As for myself I have never for a moment regretted choosing Olympus, the SSWF being the clincher, never mind the superb lenses. I have just bought the 11-22 and will definitly get an E5 next year when our friends in Inverness have a mint s/h one. As for the media I stopped reading their comics years ago, they are only there to appease their advertisers. Regards, Ian W.
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