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Re: Olympus Ignored By Media & Retailers?

Originally Posted by David Morison View Post
On my week in Scotland I walked up to 5 hrs around the reserve and hills carrying my E5 with 300mm f2.8 and EC14 attached, plus my E30 with Leica 14-150mm in a camera case, plus 7-14mm and 50mm f2 in a rucksack with flask, fleece, lunch and a monopod, plus a pair of Leica 8x32 binos - and all in showery weather.

How old am I?


If you love photography the burden of carrying top quality gear is not an issue.

Enjoyed a pint or three when I got back though!

HI David
Normally I dont have a problem with the weight of my gear. My backpack weighed just under 10kg one hand the E5 the other my monopod come walking stick. However after 5 hrs hiking through rice field terreces and jungle with the temp at 30 deg c and the humidity nearly 100% there was not a dry spot on me. Lucky the E5 is water resistant as it was dripping wet with sweet most of the time. Bali is a beautiful place but very hot, I did wish I had a smaller and lighter kit that day.
I cant remember how many but it was more than two beers at the days end.

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