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Re: Changing lenses?

Simple answer to that is, don't use Auto
I don't always use Auto, but I do switch to it when I put the camera to bed, as you never know when you may need it in a hurry and I'm too thick to remember what setting I left it on! I've been using it with some MF legacy lenses recently, but when I've finished, I always attach one of my standard lenses and set it back to auto, just in case, so it's ready to go.

Case in point...woken up at 2.00am the other night with fire engines outside the house again...grabbed Oly and took just three shots...if I'd had to mess around with settings I'd probably have got none at all...

I just had time to whack it up to ISO 1600 as I left the least having the camera on Auto ensured I got something!

My flickr photostream....

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