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Re: Hyperfocal Distance

Originally Posted by sapper View Post
Just been watching a David Noton DVD, very inspiring it is. He has a hyperfocal distance chart on his site, but it is for full frame lenses.
Would it be the same for 4/3 lenses? If not, anyone know of where I can get a chart for 4/3 lenses?
I have searched the forum and there is some stuff about DOF but I couldn't find a chart.
Just a shame that there is not a scale on each lens as there used to be in the olden days.
Hyperfocal distance basically means focusing on the nearest point where the dof beyond the subject just makes infinity. My articles on Four Thirds and apertures:

..shows that compared to full frame, you will get equivalent full frame DOF by halving the full frame focal length and halving the f-number.

So you should be able to use that to ready reckon from a full frame chart.

By the way, what you see as in focus and not in focus is all relative. If you crop severely, and you have enough resolution, what originally looked sharp will look blurred depending on how you view it. This is demonstrated in my latest article all about lens apertures:

These two illustrations from the article serve the point:

Depth of field is all relative. Everything above looks to be sharp, but zoom in on the same image...

..and you can see that the background is actually fairly blurry, while the foreground is sharp.

Hope that helps,

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