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Hand-held experiments.

After a busy day which included a short but non-productive visit to my local reserve I decided to try a bit of hand-held MF shooting with the Canon EF400mm on the E-M1 with common garden birds. Used this lens quite a bit on the E-M1 and E-M5 before but mainly resting on a hide ledge or with mono/tripods. Sitting in my favourite bower with a glass of red wine I noticed how rich the bird life is compared to the reserve so decided to have a go with the aforementioned set-up unsupported. The big advantage withe E-M1 is that a half press of the shutter button initiates the IBIS which can help enormously with manual focusing, however it is a shame that the IBIS is cancelled as soon as Magnify is actuated.

Just a few of my keepers (in good light the keeper rate is around 80% less so in poor light):

Dunnock singing (could be sharper):

Goldie on feeder:

Adult male Greenfinch:

Juvenile Greenfinch:

No garden would be complete without at least one of these (I have several):

And my only attempt at BIF, huge crop:

PBase Galleries:-
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